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movies, music, concerts, a few humans and one special girl


Versus, Wild Zero, Blues Harp, Ichi the Killer,Yentown, OldBoy, a Bittersweet Life, Dead or Alive (of Miike), Premutos, Story of Ricky, Kill Bill, Exiled and so on...


HateSphere, Legion of the Damned, Destruction, Saber Tiger, Fueled By Fire, SEX MACHINEGUNS, Cannibal Corpse, GRIM FORCE, BOMB FACTORY, Children of Bodom, All Shall Perish, Onmyo-za, Galneryus, Eizo Sakamoto, Blood Stain Child, Guitar Wolf, Annihilator, Cripper, Death Angel, Fastkill, Kayser, Kreator, Sodom, Exodus, Mercilles Death, Municipal Waste, Necrodeath, Occult, Onslaught, Reanimator, Slayer, Testament, Toxik, Violator ... bla bla bla fuck you asshole..


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